Integrate Fast

Build SSO in hours.

Edlink unifies the single sign on flow through a simple set of OAuth 2.0 endpoints, so you can make your clients happy in record time.

const edlink = require('edlink-js')('id', 'secret');

//Exchange an OAuth 2.0 authorization code for tokens.
const tokens = edlink.exchangeAuthorizationCode(code, uri);

//Retrieve information about this user.
const profile = await edlink.user(tokens).me();

Development Simplicity

Make life easier for your developers.

Edlink helps eliminate your technical debt by helping you support dozens of integration possibilities without the spaghetti code.

We built the things you didn't know you needed.

Know your users

Edlink can tell you what district any user is coming from, without having to rely on poor matching methods like email address domains.

Ahead of time provisioning

Roster classes ahead of time with our Graph API. Edlink can provide a district-level view of all teachers, students, classes, and enrollments.

Set rules to limit access

Edlink allows you to create dynamic sharing rules to restrict access to your application. Sharing rules are an easy way to prevent unauthorized access.

Support your users

We provide out of the box tools for your support team to troubleshoot issues. Edlink lets you browse your dataset or impersonate users.

Roster data aligns perfectly with Edlink SSO.

Users who sign in through Edlink will always match up perfectly with their roster data. This makes life easy for your developers and you don't have to rely on unsafe methods to match up SSO users.

About Class Rostering

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