Right now, Edlink is a small, high-performing team based in Austin, Texas.

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Gerald says he's a French man from Paris with a Vietnamese twist. As a 10-year seasoned developer, he's build SaaS apps for business intelligence, cybersecurity, and clinical trial spaces. When outside and away from a computer, you can see him enjoy a few games of tennis. Other than that, Gerald takes care of his little garden and looking for the next-best tasting wine.

You can reach Gerald on LinkedIn or email: gerald @ ed . link

Owais joins Edlink as an engineering team member. Like his startup experience so far, he isn't shy to tackle big unique problems. And with two degrees in microbiology and biochemistry and finishing an MS in computer science, you could say he values education as much as the LA Dodgers. Outside of work, you can catch Owais playing piano, reading, or catching up on baseball.

You can reach Owais on LinkedIn or email: owais @ ed . link

Alberto is a Client Success Manager at Edlink. His background in sales , instructing, and managing helps him understand how his clients receive the support and tools needed to achieve their goals. Outside of work, he enjoys working on his dance craft (currently bachata and west coast), listening to podcasts, and finding the next best movie to enjoy.

You can reach Alberto on LinkedIn or email: alberto @ e d .link

Osei has spent his career in software and education as an analyst, instructor, and engineer. Before Edlink, he was a co-founder and CTO of Acadeum and a developer at several startups. Osei graduated from Texas A&M University. Outside of work, Osei is an avid dancer,  filmmaker, and cook.

You can reach Osei on LinkedIn or email: osei @ e d .link

Ryan is a Client Success Manager at Edlink, promising clients to have a supportive and prosperous relationship. Before joining the team, he spent 6 years as a high school teacher in Houston and Austin. With his experience in the classroom, he developed a passion to make education technology more accessible to all students. Outside of work you can find Ryan watching the big game, working on his jiu jitsu, or reading Presidential biographies.

You can reach Ryan on LinkedIn or email: ryan @ e d .link

Miguel is part of the growth team at Edlink. He graduated from Texas State University in 2020 with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Since graduating, he’s worked in the service industry where he discovered a passion for developing interpersonal relationships with people in the community. Miguel enjoys spending his days off climbing at Austin Bouldering Project and listening to live music.

You can reach Miguel on LinkedIn or email: miguel @ e d .link

Jimmy comes to Edlink after selling his own set of businesses he started. As a Business Development Representative, this will be Jimmy’s first jump into exploring tech sales. Jimmy graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in geography. When he isn’t at work, he likes to wakesurf, garden, and spend time with his wife and two kids.

You can reach Jimmy on LinkedIn or email: jimmy @ e d .link

Kaiden recently jumped into the edtech space after working in international and national nonprofits for the last 5 years. As Edlink’s first marketing hire, you can see him publishing new content, checking Google Analytics, or posting memes on LinkedIn. When he isn’t working, he cares for his dog Girlie, while planning his next trip around the world. And sometimes, he’s checking out the latest horoscope or that new YouTube video.

You can reach Kaiden on LinkedIn or email: kaiden @ e d .link

Nick has spent the last 8 years serving youth in after school science education. He has been an instructor, manager, and director in after school programs. Nick moved to Austin after marrying his wife Rachel 6 years ago while studying Theology at Southeastern University. When Nick is not at work, he is probably playing music, on a volunteer trip in Africa, or eating at a taco truck. At Edlink, Nick's focus is reaching out to educational technology companies to better enhance the experience of teachers and students all around the world.

You can reach Nick on LinkedIn or email: nick @ e d .link

Jaron is a self-taught developer beginning his journey in software development with Edlink. Previously a Chick-fil-A manager now turned Software Engineer, he is responsible for building and connecting back-end services to semantic client-facing interfaces. In his free time, Jaron enjoys working on his car, gaming, and (as stereotypical as it may be) coding.

You can reach Jaron on LinkedIn or email: jaron @ e d .link

‌A storied and colorful life, more than a decade of sales and marketing experience, and a love for personal autonomy is what led Amanda to lead our non-tech teams. She's a first-gen college grad, home-owner and proud cat momma. She got her first lesson in unit economics selling jelly bracelets to her classmates in the second grade. She likes to garden, host game night, cook and make cocktails in her spare time.

You can reach Amanda on LinkedIn or email: amanda @ e d .link

Dakota has spent his entire career devoted to creating innovative technologies to improve the lives of teachers & students. He has a diverse background in technology, including expertise in software architecture, web applications, databases, and cloud infrastructure. Prior to Edlink, Dakota co-founded Atlas Learning where he helped create the Cosmos publishing platform, which helped publishers deliver digital content to hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Before starting Atlas, Dakota attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he was inspired to rethink education for millions of students to come. Outside of work, Dakota enjoys slacklining, hitting the gym, and learning about all things business. Dakota oversees the engineering and implementation teams at Edlink with the goal of helping the company scale, learn and support our mission.

You can reach Dakota on LinkedIn or email: dakota @ e d .link