We’ll touch on:

  • Why sharing rules exist
  • How this expanded feature puts the power of sharing back into your control
  • How these updated features work

Why Do Sharing Rules Exist?

Development teams and administrators need to limit the data they share with edtech applications. School technology systems like LMSs and SISs don’t offer effective and manageable ways to do this. So, Edlink created Sharing Rules. District administrators and edtech application developers can:

  • Share or limit information based on class
  • Share or limit information based on person (NEW!)
  • Share or limit information based on school (NEW!)

How Does This Help Edtech Companies?

When you choose to use the Edlink Unified API for your product’s integration with school data systems:

  • Only authorized teachers and students will be able to log-in to your app.
  • The app can't retrieve any data of unshared users, classes, or schools.
  • Schools and app developers know exactly what school data is being shared. And they can view, manage, and update this privacy anytime.

Examples of Sharing Rules:

Share Only Certain Classes: If your app needs to restrict access within a school, you can limit it to those classes.

Share With Specific People: Sometimes, districts have administrators who aren’t in a class. If they need access to your app, you can share it with them individually.

Share Only Specific Schools: Sometimes districts accidentally overshare data. You can limit the number of schools with access to your app, even when a busy admin doesn't have time during back-to-school season.

For Administrators to Share Classes: Not every class should have information shared with your app. Administrators can now choose the classes they share.

For Administrators to Share People: Sometimes educators need only a few students to access your app. Since they can choose to limit access, the power comes back to them.

For Administrators to Share Schools: Administrators may want to add a new school to your app or take one away because of district changes. With sharing rules, they have the power to make that choice.

Where Can I Find the Sharing Rules Feature?

On the Edlink dashboard, under integrations, click on the “Sharing” tab.

  • Press the blue “Create a Rule” button on the middle of the page.
  • Choose the rule type you want to put in place and use the next screen to limit the information you want.

In less than 5 clicks, your rules can start running. After you save your changes, it takes only a few minutes for them to become active.

Preview of the sharing rule feature in the Edlink Dashboard.

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