Delight your users with seamless LMS integration.

Edlink helps you connect to every major LMS and more than a dozen other school data sources. Ship your integration in 4 weeks or less and knock a major item off your to-do list.

Edlink works hard behind the scenes to power learning experiences for millions of students and teachers at these great companies.

Why great companies choose Edlink.

Decrease your time to market.

Edlink helps you build integrations that would otherwise take months or years to deploy. Getting new features out the door and in the hands of your clients is key to staying ahead of your competition.

Say yes to more business.

Integration is more important than ever and districts are taking it very seriously. The quickest way to lose a prospect is to tell them that your software isn't compatible with their platform.

Some School District
Hey, are you able to integrate with Canvas?
Yes, we can do that!
Our Canvas integration is 🔥
Some Other School District
Our younger kids use Google Classroom but our high schools need to roster from Powerschool and sign in using Microsoft Active Directory.
Wow, sounds complex.
No worries, we can handle that too.

Eliminate your technical debt.

Integrations are a massive investment for a development team, and so much of the time is spent working under the hood. Keep your codebase clean and maintainable by streamlining your integrations through Edlink.

Developer Friendly

Built for actual,
real-life developers.

Edlink is a technology company first. Our product is our API and we have put a lot of effort into designing it to be clear and easy to implement. We also provide tools and guides to make the development process quick and painless.

const edlink = require('edlink-js')('id', 'secret');

//Create a user object by passing in a set of tokens.
const user = edlink.user(tokens);

//Retrieve information about this user.
const profile = await;
const classes = await user.classes();

Platform Functionality

Build deep, two-way integrations.

Single Sign On

Allow users to sign in without creating a new account. Edlink supports a variety of different SSO platforms and open standards.

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Class Rostering

Retrieve classes and class rosters directly from the district's LMS. Edlink can help you roster at the district or individual user level.

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Content Integration

Send coursework to the LMS on the fly. Get rid of tough-to-manage ZIP files and support the personalized assigning of content.

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Grade Passback

Sync grades back to any LMS with ease. Teachers can forget about CSVs and have grades appear in their LMS instantly.

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