We're thrilled to release an often requested feature: Data Validation. Developers ask us all the time if we're able to ensure that school data is in the correct format to be imported into their platform. As of today, the answer is yes!

What does data validation do?

  • Data validation runs every time school data changes.
  • You can define specific rules for the format of data you want.
  • For example, you can require that all users have an email address.
  • When a particular entity fails your validation rule, you can decide whether or not you want to delete the item from the dataset or record it as a "warning".
  • Edlink will report the total number of notable entities (i.e. entities that have a validation status of warning or error).

Other Platform Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with Canvas source validation when there is a root account ID other than the default ID of "1".
  • We can now sync Canvas terms (sessions) from a different root account ID than the root account ID for classes and people.
  • Fixed an LTI 1.3 bug where we were overwriting the Canvas speedgrader info when you attempted to pass back a grade for a submission.
  • We are now pulling in the Clever 3.0 staff_id.
  • On that note, we've bumped up the default Clever version to 3.0 for all new applications. We still support 2.1 if needed, but you'll have to contact your Edlink Client Success Manager to have it downgraded.
  • We were not correctly exposing school and district phone numbers in the address field.
  • You can now paste lists of items (either new line or comma separated) into the Product Licensing rules input. The items will be automatically split and formatted.
  • You can now directly edit the code produced by the AI block.
  • We've added new permissions to the application Data Sharing screen.
  • We're releasing "Essential" versions of some of our SIS integrations to support clients who do not need the full data model that Edlink offers.
  • You can now override periods on the Edlink dashboard.
  • We are starting to returning more accurate HTTP status codes. Most requests were returning 400, which was generally incorrect or unhelpful.
  • Fixed an issue with correctly identifying staff members in a specific build of Powerschool SIS.
  • Fixed an issue with sending Canvas percentage grades.
  • Corrected an issue in the Powerschool onboarding flow that was preventing the data source from validating successfully.
  • Pushed a fix so that Google Classroom announcements will now correctly return their associated materials (attachments).

✌️ That's all for now!