Edlink offers a (primarily) usage-based pricing model. This pricing model consists of 2 pieces, a “Monthly Platform Fee” and an “Additional Synced User Fee”.

The details of our pricing plans are available here.

What is a synced user?

A synced user is a user from an educational institution that is shared with our clients (aka edtech companies). This means the institution has allowed the edtech company to access this user’s information and course rosters (through the Edlink Sharing Rule feature). The user’s data is “synced” and able to be accessed by the edtech company tool via the Edlink Unified API.

What does the monthly platform fee include?

The Monthly Platform Fee gives edtech companies (aka our clients) access to all of Edlink’s functionality, features, and services relevant to a client’s product tier. The fee also grants access to any new features or services developed over the lifetime of our working relationship which is applicable to the client’s pricing tier. This includes the following:

  • the ability to impersonate users for technical troubleshooting,
  • the tools for clients to “scope” access to their product through Edlink – granting access to a specific subset of users,
  • an out-of-the-box UI to onboard educational institutions (branded with client’s logo), and
  • an out-of-the-box, simplified log-in screen (branded with client’s logo).

Will we be charged if a district “overshares” its data?

Edlink offers a tool, Sharing Rules, which lets clients scope down the data a school shares. By doing so, clients grant access to only the subset of that data. Sharing Rules can be set in Edlink’s Dashboard or programmatically through our API. So a client’s “synced users” are determined by the Sharing Rules clients set in place, not what the district (over)shares.

Edlink offers 1-to-3-year agreements. Sometimes our “Scale" clients opt for a longer agreement in exchange for a lower Per Authorized User Fee.

How does the Development Grace Period work?

For clients who are on the Grow or Scale plan, we offer a 30 or 60 day (respectively) grace period, under contract, which allows them to access the full depth and breadth of our products and associated services. This gives Edlink the ability to offer consulting and advice freely and means that our clients don't pay any upfront implementation fees. The grace period expires 30 or 60 days (depending on the plan) from the execution date of the agreement or when our client onboard their first school using Edlink, whichever occurs first.

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