Edlink client Identity Automation recently released its identity and access management (IAM) solutions to be licensed through Global Grid for Learning’s (GG4L) school sales. With this agreement, GG4L enhances its technology product with Identity Automation. School districts now have access to Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity digital identity platform after purchasing  GG4L’s School Passport®.

"Cybersecurity solutions for schools must offer powerful protections without sacrificing instruction time – and this [access] represents the latest efforts…," said Identity Automation CEO Jim Harold. "... Our award-winning IAM solutions are now much more accessible and ready to deploy."

RapidIdentity’s pre-set features for schools include authentication, identity management, provisions, and credential monitoring. Soon, schools will be able to access additional cybersecurity functions including, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), credential monitoring, and phishing protection.

"[This agreement] brings together an affordable, easy-to-deploy… solution to thousands of small to midsize school districts that desperately need a more secure digital automation infrastructure to sustain the increased demand on their increasingly over-burdened IT staff," said Robert Iskander, GG4L Founder and CEO.

Through the access agreement, GG4L aims to use RapidIdentity to tackle the cybersecurity talent shortage, and better balance classroom productivity, security, and privacy that districts navigate each day.

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