DataSense is an integration platform in EdTech. Here's their story and why Edlink is a solid alternative.


  • DataSense is an integration platform for K-12 school data owned by Microsoft.
  • They were acquired twice, by BrightBytes in 2017, and Microsoft in 2019.
  • If you’re an EdTech company looking for another intermediary to provide LMS integrations, Edlink offers a fast, comprehensive solution.

The story of DataSense

Authentica Solutions originally developed DataSense as an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for K-12 school data. The platform pulled data from various sources, including LMSs, SISs, and learning apps into a single dashboard for educators.

In 2017, BrightBytes, a learning analytics company, acquired Authentica Solutions, including its DataSense platform. Their aim was to leverage DataSense's integration capabilities to further their goal of harnessing data to improve student learning.

In 2019, Microsoft acquired DataSense, incorporating the platform into their family of Education products. The move enabled them to offer their customers an integration with their platform.

With Edlink, you’ll have a ready-to-use Microsoft integration

  • Your product will have access to a wide range of functionality including SSO, rostering, assignment passback, and grade passback.
  • This is more functionality than what's offered by DataSense, which doesn't provide SSO, assignment passback, or on-the-fly grade passback.
  • You’ll be up and running in a fraction of the time it’ll take you to build an in-house integration.
  • You and your school admins will have an Edlink dashboard that makes it easy to manage and monitor data integrations.
  • Our tools are non-technical user friendly. To compare, DataSense relies on Microsoft's automation platform, which requires technical knowledge to use.
  • Your schools and districts will have unequivocal control over access to their data.

Plus the added functionalities of the Edlink API

  • The Edlink API gives you access to integrations with every major LMS, not just Microsoft.
  • Edlink gives schools the option to blend SIS and LMS data, giving you an in-depth picture of any given school or district’s data while maintaining the functionalities listed above. No other EdTech company offers this.

Want to learn more?

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