IMS Global Learning Consortium is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancements in interoperability between institutions and vendors.

The organization offers standards and frameworks around content integration, credentialing, analytics, and assessments. The major standards developed include

Edtech companies can get certified in these standards through IMS, or be compliant. now 1EdTech

IMS Global has an affiliated non-profit called the 1EdTech Foundation. The 1EdTech Foundation is a public charity that powers learner potential by accelerating an educational technology ecosystem.

Over the past few years, IMS Global and 1EdTech have launched some joint initiatives, including their Ecosystem Initiative and Wellspring Project.

In a recent newsletter, the CEO of IMS Global, Ron Abel, announced that IMS is rebranding to 1EdTech. In his words, the goal of the rebrand is to "better capture the essence of our groundbreaking community and add even greater energy to our cause as the need continues to grow around the world."

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