OneRoster® is a standard from the IMS Global Learning Consortium® for sharing class rosters, course materials, and grades between a student information system (SIS) and other applications. The goal of the standard is to reduce the amount of time and complexity needed to manage course and student roster information between the multitude of different school management platforms that K-12 school districts use. This allows roster information to be more accurate and timely, as well as simplify the on-boarding process for school IT administrators.

OneRoster began in 2015 as a reworking of IMS' Learning Information Services® (LIS®) standard, which is widely adopted in higher education. IMS Global saw the need for a standard that would support the exchange of student data between different systems in the K12 space. OneRoster uses a subset of LIS services which allows for additional functionality for the transport of grades and gradebooks.

The current specification of OneRoster (version 1.1) supports the transfer three types of services: results, resources, and enrollments. OneRoster 1.1 also supports the modern and widely used OAuth 2.0 security protocol. The specification supports the transfer of data using CSV templates or through system data exchanges using REST API binding,

Transferring data between learning management systems (LMSs) and SISs is one of key use cases that OneRoster solves. OneRoster 1.1 allows assignment data (e.g. the description of the assignment, type of assignment, due date, grade, etc.) to transfer from an LMS (which typically produces and holds this data) to an SIS.  

Several rostering solutions, such as Classlink and Clever, support OneRoster as a method of sharing class rosters and associated data. These solutions allow administrators to share roster data between their different learning platforms through publishing up-to-date CSVs or through enabling the OneRoster API between supported platforms.

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