Clever Instant Login

Clever offers developers the ability to use its own SSO service called, Clever Instant Login. Users can use Clever to log into third-party apps in 2 ways:

The 1st method where a user begins on an app’s website:

  1. The user clicks a "Sign In With Clever" button on the application's homepage.
  2. The user will be directed to sign in to Clever with their Clever username and password (or external SSO provider like G Suite or Microsoft Active Directory), and
  3. The user then will be directed back to the application, now signed in.

The 2nd method where the user begins on the Clever dashboard:

  1. The user selects an app on their Clever dashboard.
  2. Clever then authenticates the user, and
  3. Clever directs the user to the selected application – where the user should be signed in.

Apps can be added to a user's Clever dashboard by the school administrator or by a teacher who adds the app to the dashboard through the Clever Library.

It is important that the application supports both of these authentication flows. Not only will users expect both to work properly, but Clever requires that both are functional to give a "certification" to appear in the product library.

Clever Instant Login Pricing

Clever offers a free version of instant login for developers. This version will provide the app with a subset of student data (e.g. their first name and last initial), but will not provide important information like the name of the school or district that the user is coming from, or any student email addresses.

Clever requires developers to pay for complete student and teacher profiles. The pricing for the base tier (Secure Sync Lite) which provides this level of access starts at $12/school/month with a minimum of a 40 school commitment; a yearly minimum cost of $5,760. This base tier does not include class roster data.

Clever Rostering

Clever’s rostering service (called Secure Sync Enterprise) allows apps to load lists from a school’s SIS, like:

  • users,
  • courses, and
  • enrollments.

Typically there will need to be some sort of nightly process to sync and update all of a school’s data – if the app is capable of handling it. Clever also offers a mechanism to only load data that’s changed, though this is not enabled by default. Schools can limit data by sharing rules that Clever provides to the school administrator.

Secure Sync Enterprise Pricing

The pricing for this service at the base tier starts at $18/school/month with a minimum of a 50 school commitment; a yearly minimum cost of $10,800.

Clever Library

Clever Library is a list of apps that teachers can try out without permission from their admin. Teachers can browse the Clever Library of apps and add the app to their class dashboard. Typically, the apps featured in the library are free. Teachers sign in to these apps through Clever Instant Login.

Clever Services and Integration

To start integrating with Clever sign up for a development application. This should give developers access to work with a sandbox district environment. The dev app will be set up only for SSO integration. Once you're signed up, you should review Clever's documentation about Clever’s Library Certification, Library and District single sign-on, and roster. To set up rostering, developers will have to contact Clever directly.

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