Clever develops rostering and single sign-on (SSO) solutions for schools and educational developers. Before you can start working with Clever as a developer, you first need to understand what their solutions are, what they do, and how they function within your application.

What does Clever offer?

Clever is designed to help developers sync rosters from a school's student information system (SIS). Clever accomplishes this by working with schools to connect their SIS to Clever's database. This allows developers to obtain roster information directly from Clever, rather than having to import data from different SIS's on their own.

Clever also provides schools a method of logging into Clever-connected applications using a single account via SSO. Students and teachers may log into these applications via a button on their website or application; or through a link to the app on the user's Clever portal.

Graphical links that will automatically log a user into an applications with Clever can be found in the Clever Library. Teachers and admins can find applications in the Library and add them to their Clever portals.

How do I start integrating with Clever?

Clever offers developers the ability to log in users into their application with their Clever credentials. This can be implemented through a Clever login button on the website or application that logs a user into the app; or through Clever instant login, where a user signs into Clever and clicks on a link for the application displayed in their Clever home screen which then logs the user in.

Application partners can also list their apps in the Clever Library, where teachers can find and add the app's Clever instant login button to their students' Clever portals. Note that teachers who find your app in the Clever Library may not need administrative approval in order to use your application. This makes the Clever Library a good source for exposing your product to more classrooms.

In addition to the login function, Clever allows application partners to gather roster information from the school's SIS. This allows developers to pre-provision accounts for students and teachers before they login, as well as maintain an up-to-date listing of courses and rosters. Rostering does require administrator approval and is pricey for developers to implement. Note that syncing roster data with Clever is free for schools.

What are some specific considerations for Clever?

Clever can be expensive to integrate. Pricing for access to Clever's roster data starts at $18/school/month, with a minimum of a 50 school commitment. This means you're looking at spending a minimum of $10,800 per year for Clever's roster data. Additionally, your may only need roster data for a few classes at a school who use your app. Since Clever charges per school campus (not district), you're paying for the same level of users at a school even if you're rostering data for only one teacher.

Furthermore, Clever does not handle requests beyond logging in users and providing roster and course data. There are no options to enable features such as grade passback or assignment creation. These functions are only possibly through integration with a school's LMS, which Clever does not support.