Edlink and Clever share similar functionality in that we both make SSO and rostering simple for educational institutions and edtech companies.

There are several differences though:

  • Edlink offers edtech companies a two-way integration. They are able to pass grades and assignments to the LMS. This is not possible with Clever.
  • Edlink prices per authorized user, rather than by school building.
  • Edlink's primary "source of truth" is the LMS rather than the SIS.
  • Edlink is almost entirely transparent to the end-user, with an exception for LMS/tech admins. There is no "Edlink Portal" for teachers and students to use to log in. These users log into edtech applications either via their LMS, or via the edtech application itself.
  • Edlink does not ask or require K12 districts to "adopt" Edlink.
  • Edlink is entirely "customer-funded" as in we have not raised capital or contributed personal capital to the business.

The Edlink API offers support for Clever (meaning edtech applications who work with us can utilize our API to get Clever integration). Our clients still maintain a business relationship with Clever in order to utilize their service through Edlink.