We set out to make students and teachers' lives simpler by building the unified Edlink API.

We asked our client, EdTech Solutions, about why they were interested in LMS integrations. Here's what they said:

"Working in the digital educational world, there's so many different software and programs that you have to use in order to really have a successful year. There's student information systems, there's learning management systems, on top of all of the different platforms. And then you throw devices in there...We realized that it can be very complicated."
-Liz Pritchard, Director of Operations, EdTech Solutions

Edtech is complicated.

That's one of the reasons we, Edlink, set out to make students, school admins, and teachers' lives simpler by building the Unified Edlink API. So, what is Edlink and who are our customers? Edlink is a software company and our customers are EdTech companies. Through our API, EdTech companies can integrate their learning apps with every major LMS and more than a dozen school data sources.While we do not approach or sell anything to school districts or universities, they are our end users. Our software makes it easier for them to interact with their learning apps.

What does this mean for teachers, in particular? A lot less to worry about. Here's a few of the benefits of our LMS integrations.

  • Fussing with CSVs
  • Manually creating classes in the learning app. Their classes and students are automatically added for them.
  • Updating their learning app. When teachers make an update in their LMS – like changing a student's schedule – it will automatically sync with the app.
  • Configuring an LTI app.
  • Dealing with forgotten learning app passwords. Teachers and students will sign into learning apps with their LMS credentials.
  • Dealing with assignments in multiple systems. Students will find them all in one place – their LMS.

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