Hey School Admin! Interested in learning how to select which school data to share with your app?

Sharing rules

When you first connect to Edlink, all of your school or district's data is shared with your learning app. However, you can limit what classes are shared with your app.

If you'd like to share only select data, you can use our sharing rules tool.

To set sharing rules, log into your Edlink account and click on the app you'd like to share specific data with. Then, click on the Sharing tab.

You'll see a screen that looks like this.

Click the blue Create a Rule button. You'll see a sidebar screen that looks like this.

Let's proceed as if you wished to share a specific set of classes with your app. In that case, click "Share by Class." You'll then see the following screen.

Use the categories at the top of the page to select the Classes you'd like to share with the application.

Here's an example of searching for and selecting all classes that start with the word, "English."

The sharing rules screen will then only display the selected classes.

Hit the blue Save Changes button. You'll now see a preview of the rule in the dashboard. Click here to learn more about setting rules.

The rule will be in draft mode at first. To make the rule live, click on the draft button and set it to active.

Then, check off the Share by Rules box at the top of the page.

You're all set! It may take a few minutes for you to see the changes reflected in the dashboard.