Hey School Admin! We're glad you connected your school or district to Edlink. Interested in using the Edlink dashboard?

Here's an overview of everything the Edlink dashboard has to offer.

About the dashboard

When your school connects its LMS, SIS, or SSO provider to an app, you can see your school's data in the Edlink dashboard. This dashboard is available to school admins and the developers of the app.

Running syncs

You can run syncs manually in the dashboard. Click on your LMS. Then, click the blue Run Sync button on the right-hand side of the page.

Otherwise, a sync will run automatically once every 24 hours.

Viewing your synced data

Your synced data is the info that is available to the app via your school’s learning management system.

To view your data, log into your Edlink account and click on your school or district. You’ll see a number of tabs listing the following synced data types: People, Districts, Schools, Classes, Sections, Courses, and Sessions.

If you click on any tab, the synced data will appear.

Click here to learn more about each data type.

Filtering Your School Info

As you explore each tab in the dashboard, you can filter the info down using the Filter button.

For example, in the People tab you can use the Filter button to search for any user using their E-mail, Person ID, First name, Last name, Role, or Updated Date. Please note that our filters are case sensitive.

Edlink allows you to give relevant team members at your school or district access to the dashboard. Click here to learn how to add people to your team.

Reconnecting your admin account

There are a number of reasons why your admin account might need to be reconnected to Edlink.

To do this, log into your Edlink account. Click Sources in the left-hand sidebar and then click the data source you’d like to reconnect.

Click Settings, and then under Administrator Account click the blue Connect button. This will prompt you to log into your admin account.

Once you’ve made the connection, click Save Configuration.

If you are a new admin who needs to connect your admin account, first you will need to be invited to the team in Edlink. You can then create an Edlink account and follow the steps above.

Adding new data sources

To add a new data source (i.e. an LMS, SIS, or SSO provider), log into your Edlink account. Click Sources in the left-hand sidebar. Then, click the blue Connect Data Source button on the top right of the page.

You'll see three tabs. These show the kinds of sources you can connect: LMS Providers, SIS Providers, and SSO Providers.

When you click on an individual provider, please follow the instructions to add it.