Actually implementing these features into products can take time. Developers will also find that schools use several different LMSs. One client might be using Google Classroom and another could be using Schoology. Developers will even see schools that use an LMS, like Canvas, with a data source, like Clever. Understanding how all of these platforms work and how to integrate with them can be daunting.

We've worked extensively with different LMSs and understand the ins and outs of how they're used, how they're structured, and how to best integrate with them. As a unified API, developers integrate with us (easily) and we provide connections and a short and easy process to connect schools.

Edlink offers developers a single integration that provides the functionality of integrating with a variety of different LMSs and data sources (think SIS and identity and access management platforms). We've done this by writing the integrations with each educational system and then making the data from these integrations available to developers through our API.

If an edtech company has ever implemented a single integration for any LMS, then integrating with Edlink is going to be a breeze. Developers will already understand how integration fundamentally works and how to implement an API to the product. In some cases, developers can even simply replace existing code for LMS integration with the Edlink API. Now instead of only supporting an integration with a single data platform, the product will integrate with many.

Even for developers who’ve never integrated before, our team can help guide them through the implementation and recommend how to best develop integration into the product.

Edlink currently supports API and the LTI standard integrations to systems like:

Note that the LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage specifications integrations through Edlink are certified by 1EdTech.

An LMS integration isn't truly complete until a school connects its data to the product. Luckily, Edlink provides a quick and simple onboarding flow for school IT admins to follow and complete in under 5 minutes. Schools can get set up to access the product through their LMS in minutes.

The Edlink dashboard also helps developers who need an easy way to see how schools are connected to their products. The dashboard can manage hundreds of schools and districts and saves developers the hassle of building another way to view and control access to the product.

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If you're looking for a partner who can help guide you through developing LMS integrations (like these), then let’s introduce ourselves. We’re Edlink!