Edlink's clients are edtech companies who have a digital application that supports  schools or universities in some way. Examples are Edulastic (now owned by GoGuardian), Carnegie Learning, SchoolMint, Schooltube and more.  

Edlink's clients pay us to manage their integrations LMSs, SISs, authentication providers (and more) for SSO, rostering, grade syncing and content integration.

School districts and universities are not Edlink's clients. They are Edlink's end users. We do not approach or sell anything to school districts or universities.

LMSs (Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology etc.), SISs (Powerschool, Skyward, Aeries etc.) and identity providers (Identity Automation, Clever, Classlink etc). are "Partners" of Edlink, either formally, or in that we assist them, informally, in getting more edtech companies integrated and using their software through their open APIs or though Open Standards they support.

To learn more about Edlink's relationships with its clients, click here.