If you're an edtech company, Edlink can help you integrate with every major LMS and more than a dozen school data sources. By choosing Edlink, you’ll save time and money building in-house integrations and you'll get to market quicker.

If you're a teacher and you work with an application that uses Edlink, depending on how the application uses Edlink here are a couple of the ways you can benefit:

  • You won't have to fuss with CSVs ever again.
  • You won't have to configure an LTI application. No more "keys."
  • You won't have to manually create classes in the learning application.
  • Your students will be able to find all of their assignments in one place (the LMS) and;
  • Your students won't have to remember yet another password because they'll sign into their learning applications with their LMS credentials.

If you're an administrator and a learning application is asking you to connect Edlink to your LMS to facilitate an integration, here's how Edlink can be of assistance to you:

  • You won't have to fuss with CSVs.
  • You'll have an easy way to securely share secret keys (re: not via email).
  • You'll have complete control over what data the learning application can and can't see.
  • You and your tech team will get fewer requests for forgotten passwords and LTI configuration assistance.
  • You'll be able to see detailed logs of exactly how users are interacting with the LMS. This'll give you more transparency into and control over LMS usage and security.