About Perfection Learning: Perfection Learning is a print, digital, and blended education publishing company tailored to k12 schools. Starting as an educator-owned family business over 95 years ago, originally Perfection Learning's content focused on printing school forms. Today, the company expands to help students in literature, language arts, and math. Its mission is to work side-by-side with educators to create "curriculum solutions that break down learning barriers; create dynamic, inclusive classrooms; and help students reach their potential."

About the Partnership: Perfection Learning wants to prove its commitment to stay user-friendly. With the Edlink Unified API, Perfection Learning is able to streamline how districts engage with their content though Edlink’s grade passback and content integration features.

Now the districts that use Perfection Learning's content don't have to fuss with CSVs or use multiple systems to find assignments. Through Edlink’s integration, Perfection Learning creates a seamless customer experience. Today Perfection Learning uses Edlink to ultimately achieve its mission – help students reach their potential.

About Edlink: Launched in February 2020, Edlink is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your learning platform with school data systems. Working with Edlink's Unified API saves development teams headaches, gets operational teams to-market faster, and helps sales teams win more deals.

Edlink is currently working behind the scenes to help almost 20 million students get logged into all the various learning platforms they use, using their LMS (a system students already know!) and they're trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by leaders in almost 2,000 US K12 school districts and learning institutions, and growing.

To learn more about Perfection Learning, please visit perfectionlearning.com

To learn more about Edlink, please visit ed.link