About Extempore: Extempore is a digital language learning platform to develop students’ reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural skills in a target language. The platform can set daily tasks, and formal assessments, and makes district reporting easier – while still holding student data secure. Overall, Extempore seeks to be the platform for “facilitating linguistic growth and awareness for all language learners, in the US and abroad”.      

About the relationship: With Extempore’s mission to lead linguistic growth and awareness for all language learners, the company knew it was time to work with an integration provider that could help fill its giant self-made shoes. By working with an integration provider, like Edlink, Extempore could spend its time and resources focusing on its language platform and further developing its user experiences.  

After testing and building only 1 integration to Edlink’s Unified API, Extempore saw an even bigger opportunity on how the company could take advantage of the resources that Edlink provides its clients. Now, Extempore could move forward faster by focusing on the success of its platform and users – and leaving integrations to Edlink.      

“Edlink has greatly simplified the way we onboard new districts, provision accounts, classes, and enrollments. Edlink took the manual work out of teachers’ hands that previously required them to create their classes or to rely on students to enroll themselves, remember usernames and passwords, and take additional steps to link assignments to their LMS.

With Edlink, teachers can start creating assignments when they first log in and students can access their assignments immediately. With no additional steps, assignments and grades are provided in Extempore and then sync and display in the district's LMS.

Beyond the integration services Edlink provides, their team has been an absolute pleasure to partner with and feels more like an extension of our team than a provider of services”

Sam Slagle, Product Manager at Extempore

By choosing Edlink as its integration provider, Extempore created a win-win scenario for itself and its users.

About Edlink: Launched in March 2020, Edlink is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your learning platform with school data systems. Working with Edlink's Unified API saves development teams headaches, gets operational teams to-market faster, and helps sales teams win more deals.

Edlink is currently working behind the scenes to help over 20 million students get logged into all the various learning platforms they use, using their LMS (a system students already know!) and they're trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by tech administrators and district leaders in over 2,000 US educational institutions, and growing.

To learn more about Extempore, visit www.extemporeapp.com.

To learn more about Edlink, visit ed.link.