TLDR: Edlink launched a new version of our IT Admin Onboarding Flow which will make it even easier for IT Admins to self-configure integrations with Edlink's Clients (edtech companies). Keep reading for what these improvements entail, how to preview the new flow, and other FAQs or sign up HERE to pop into virtual office hours.

Great news! You're just days away from easier school onboardings.

Over the last two years, Edlink has grown to supporting over 23M teachers and students through our unified API. ๐ŸŽ‰ Part of how this has been made possible, is through the self-service onboarding flow we've built to make it possible for our clients (edtech companies) to easily configure integrations with their customers (schools, districts, and universities).

Our Client Success Managers have observed and assisted with hundreds of these setups and as a result, several ways in which we could improve the Onboarding Flow became apparent to us. So, we've been hard at work making improvements, so that edtech companies can help school districts set up their integrations even more easily. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Some of the improvements include:

  • Ability to choose to store data in Canada
  • Two-factor authentication for IT Admins
  • To-the-point support videos for deeper explanations of each step
  • Dozens of accompanying knowledge base articles directed at school admins for self-directed onboarding

To see the new flow in action, ask questions, make suggestions and more, sign up here to pop into virtual office hours with one of our Client Success Managers.

After you choose a time that works for you, you'll receive a calendar invitation with a Zoom link. ย Feel free to pop into your scheduled time at any point during the hour.

If you have a feature request or product suggestion, please share those with us here. Weโ€™re currently defining which new features to add to our roadmap for the 2023 year. As a note, submitting a suggestion doesnโ€™t necessarily mean we'll be able to add your request to the roadmap.

If you have any other questions, keep reading for FAQ, or, here are some ways you can get in touch:

  • Send us a Slack note (if you've got a shared Slack channel with us)
  • Email your Client Success Manager
  • Call us at +1 (512) 777-1448
  • Email

Looking forward to hearing from you and continuing to crush it with you!

FAQs about the new onboarding flow

How can I preview the new flow?
Add ?enhanced=true to the end of your company's integration link.
Example: https://exampleintegrationlink?enhanced=true

Where is my company's "integration link?"
After logging into your company's Edlink account, click "Applications" on the left sidebar menu. Then, open the application you'd like to preview the flow for, and in the top right hand side of the screen you'll see a blue "Request Integration" button. Click that button and then click "Copy Integration Link" and paste the link into your browser bar. Boom!

Will admins need to reconnect instances?
No. The new admin onboarding flow will not impact currently connected instances. After Tuesday, only admins who have not connected will experience the new flow.

If my company is still connecting educational institutions, which flow will we use?
After Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the only flow available will be the new admin onboarding flow.

Will my company need to generate a new onboarding link if an admin has not connected before Wednesday?
No. After Tuesday the current links will switch over to the new flow โ€“ no action is necessary.

If my company encounters a bug, what should I do?
You can share the bug with us by using this form or send us an email at .