About Activate Learning:

Activate Learning (Activate) is a k12 curriculum publisher. As a global leader, it provides standards-based resources in print and digital for both Math and Science topics. Activate supports millions of students and teachers every day through its investigation-centered and phenomenon-driven approach to digital learning.

About the Partnership:

With the number of supported users, the Activate team saw a clear need to use integrations to enhance experiences. The next step was to decide if the Activate team should spend the time developing the integrations it needed for its reimagined experiences, or use Edlink instead. By building one integration to Edlink's Unified API, Activate expanded its functionality to implement better user experiences.

With Edlink on their side, now Activate had the tools and integrations for their users like:

  • deeper integration functionality (including content integrations and grade passback),
  • data visibility and management tools, and
  • a seamless onboarding process.

Activate's choice to use Edlink launched its +90k user experiences ahead of the curve.

When COVID19 caused school districts to move beyond SSO and embrace LMS systems, we needed to move rapidly to offer grade and assignment passback to meet district requirements. Edlink allowed us to make this transition for multiple LMSs and give our customers exactly what they needed.
- David Robertshaw, Chief Product Officer at Activate Learning

Launched in February 2020, Edlink is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your learning platform with school data systems. Working with Edlink's Unified API saves development teams headaches, gets operational teams to-market faster, and helps sales teams win more deals.

Edlink currently supports 53+ edtech companies and is currently working behind the scenes to help over 23 million students get logged into all the various learning platforms they use, using their LMS (a system students already know!). We’re trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by tech administrators and district leaders in over 2,200 US educational institutions, and growing.

To learn more about Activate Learning, please visit activatelearning.com.

To learn more about Edlink visit ed.link.