Hey developer! Wondering why some of your Schoology users don't have an assigned role? Let's cover what might be happening.

Schoology assigns four standard roles to users: student, teacher, parent, and system administrator. Edlink syncs these roles with your application.

You can find these assigned in the Role column in People tab in the dashboard.

The Roles pictured here are administrator, student, and teacher

Custom Roles in Schoology

Schoology gives users the ability to create custom roles. Consequently, if a user in the Edlink dashboard doesn't have an assigned role, it is likely because they have a custom role in Schoology.

An example of a Schoology admin creating a custom role called "Curriculum Coordinator"

Next Steps

If a user doesn't have a role in the Edlink dashboard, please reach out to your Edlink Client Success Manager and provide the following:

The entire name of the custom Schoology role
The name of the associated school or district

We can then assign this user to one of the following roles listed in our docs: student, district-administrator, administrator, teacher, observer, parent, guardian, ta, aide, and designer.

Once this process is complete, the user will then have an assigned role that will appear in the dashboard and be synced with your application.