Syncing allows Edlink to capture any changes made in your school's LMS. Edlink then updates those changes in the dashboard and in your learning app.

Where can I check my syncs?

Check your syncs by logging into your Edlink account. Click on the Sources tab, and then click on your data source. Next, click on the Syncs tab.

Edlink labels syncs as Working, Complete, or Error depending on their status.

Why is syncing important?

Syncing data allows us to capture any changes made in a data source.

For example, when a new teacher is added to an LMS, we have to sync that teacher’s data from the LMS. This is so Edlink can show you who that user is, and what school and classes they belong to.

What might happen if data is out of sync?

If data is out of sync, then we are not able to identify new users, courses, and any other updated information created in the data source. This means that a new user will not be able to log in until Edlink syncs their information.

I see a sync is pending. What does that mean?

If Edlink detects that a large percentage of data in an LMS has changed, Edlink has an automated process in place to pause any changes. Edlink lists paused syncs as Pending.

This prevents Edlink from accidentally deleting data that the owner of the data source did not intend to delete. Our team will manually process these syncs as they appear. If you need Edlink to process a pending sync, please reach out to us at

I see a sync is errored. What does that mean?

If a sync’s state is listed as Error, then Edlink was not able to complete the sync. This could be for a variety of factors, including the following:

If your sync is erroring, please message Edlink at

I see a sync is working. What does that mean?

If a sync is working, then the sync is currently running. Edlink will apply any changes to the dashboard once the sync has finished.

How often are they done?

Edlink automatically completes syncs once every 24 hours. If you're a school admin, you can also run syncs on-demand.