No LTI Standard Support

Unlike other major LMSs, Microsoft Teams does not support integrating with the LTI standard. Third-party edtech products can only integrate with Microsoft Teams through the education API in Microsoft Graph.

API Beta Releases

Much of the Microsoft Graph education API is still in beta. The parts of the API that involve handling the creation of assignments in Microsoft Teams are still in beta.  The beta APIs may be changed in the future, so any integrations that currently use them may break if they are updated. Microsoft advises developers to not use these APIs in production environments, since they can change without advance notice.

These challenges are just a subset of some of the issues you could run into while integrating with Microsoft Teams. LMS integrations are usually not as straightforward as they might seem at first. Developers should take into account the differences and quirks of each platform when building out in-house integrations.

(Since writing this article, Microsoft Teams has released Microsoft Graph v1.0 API.)

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