We sure do!

We only access student or school data with the permission of either an authorized representative of the school or the direct permission of the person to whom the data belongs.

We only share student or school data with third parties (developers, our clients, etc.) with express authorization from the school or person to whom the data belongs. We also require an attestation from each of our clients that they have the proper security and privacy measures in place to handle school and student data.

We only store student or school data for the express purpose of performing services to the school, person in question, and/or developer, and only with the explicit permission of all parties involved.

We take our stewardship of PII very seriously.

The service we provide for our clients would be impossible without storing a copy of the data we receive on their behalf. We do not simply pass along the data we retrieve from schools to our clients'. We abstract, filter, transform and merge the data so that what our clients receive is cleaner, richer, more complete, and easier-to-use given their existing data architecture.

No. We do not de-identify, anonymize or otherwise manipulate the data for any purpose other than enabling interoperability between our edtech clients and the learning institutions they serve.

To read more about the security measures we have in place see:

How does Edlink handle Data Privacy and Security?
The short answer? Seriously. And carefully.