Things are coming together quickly for back to school and we're excited to roll out our hard work over the next few weeks. As for today, we have a few major improvements to announce.

Near-Realtime Attendance

For a lot of products, knowing the current location of a particular student is critical to their core experience. Knowing their attendance status from yesterday or last week is interesting, but not particularly useful. For these companies, it is imperative that they have access to the student's attendance status in as close to realtime as possible.

We're happy to announce the first of a series of experiments with near-realtime attendance data. For Powerschool SIS integrations, you can now receive period-level attendance data that is refreshed every 15 minutes. This feature is not available by default (it's quite resource intensive), so if you are interested in trying it out, you should contact your Edlink client success manager.

Updated Docs

Along with our slew of new models, we've pushed a major update to our developer documentation. The biggest part of this update was a reorganization of the API Reference structure. Instead of being grouped by user / graph API, models and endpoints are now grouped by functional area. Hopefully this change will make it much easier to navigate and, ultimately, find what you are looking for.

SSO Error Flows

The last major release this week is a new feature flag that will redirect users back to your application if they encounter an error while trying to sign in. By default, users currently land on a generic looking Edlink page, but we recognize that this may not be the behavior you are looking for. If you want to receive errors from the login process, head over to the application Feature Flags page and toggle it on.

In addition, we've added all of the possible login errors to the API Errors reference document (down at the bottom). Hopefully, these error messages will make it easier for your engineering team (and ours) to quickly debug login issues.

Other Changes

  • We updated our Skybuild plugin for Skyward to fix a few issues.
  • We upgraded our Blackbaud sync to add support for our new models.
  • We added back shared people counts to the integrations .
  • We added back the Run Sync button for sources that you control (e.g. sandboxes) so you can force Edlink to sync from the source.