We are excited to announce a handful of new changes to the Edlink dashboard. The highlight of this update is the addition of Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google, which makes it faster and safer for teams to sign in and access our platform.

Edlink already enables millions of teachers and students to sign in with Google and we wanted to extend the same convenience and security to companies as well. Now, users can sign in to Edlink dashboard using their Google credentials, eliminating the need to remember and manage separate login information.

We understand that security and ease of use are crucial for our users, and we are constantly working to improve our platform. To that end, Google SSO works seamlessly with our existing two-factor authentication flow, providing an extra layer of security for all users.

This change does not impact school districts and they can continue to use Edlink as they always have.

Other minor changes this week

  • We made the font size a little bigger on our developer documentation.
  • We changed the style of our code blocks to be more readable.
  • We added a new section under developer guides for companies interested in supporting deeper LTI 1.3 integrations.

In conclusion, we hope this will make your experience even better. If you have any questions about the new SSO with Google feature, or if you have any suggestions for new features that you would like to see added to Edlink, please don't hesitate to drop us a line!