The engineering team has been busy lately. This week, we're proud to announce support for two new systems: Renweb FACTS and OneLogin.

FACTS is a popular student information system in K-12. We've implemented support for our new extended rostering features, incident reports, and grade syncing.

OneLogin is an enterprise SSO platform that helps teachers and students sign into their apps. While OneLogin itself does not have traditional "roster" data, it can be connected via Edlink to any other source of roster data (e.g. an SIS connection) and used as a single-sign-on method.

As usual, we've also released updated onboarding flows for FACTS and OneLogin. We spend a lot of time making the setup process as simple as possible for school administrators so they have a great first experience with your platform (and ours).

If you're interested in learning about our other supported data providers, check out our new and improved product integrations page.

Other Platform Updates

  • We simplified the screen that allows you to copy your application's Integration Link, removing a click.
  • We've added an LTI 1.1 XML setup URL to your dashboard to make it easier for districts to add LTI 1.1 links to their LMS in conjunction with an API-based connection. Please note, these are different than the existing LTI 1.3 links that you can find in the dashboard already!
  • Powerschool will no longer sync schools with an ID of 0 and we have corrected an issue with conversion from integers to strings.

Until next time, ✌️.