About Cariina: Cariina is an operations enablement platform to help administrators manage transportation, events, attendance/rostering, and activities. Cariina saves school teams hours every week – giving parents and school admins peace of mind and providing students with a superior experience.

About the relationship: Originally, Cariina gathered roster data from its schools by uploading CSVs into its SFTP server. But to meet the needs of its rapidly growing school base, the Cariina team started to look into direct SIS integrations. These integrations would make syncing roster data more automatic and scalable.

During Cariina's search for a solution, the team discovered Edlink. Together with Edlink, Cariina can opt-out of building multiple in-house integrations and, instead, only build 1 connection to Edlink's Unified API. With Edlink, Cariina will be able to sync roster data daily and automatically via the SIS for all of their customers.

With Edlink at their side, the Cariina team can focus on scaling the service they provide to schools and districts.

About Edlink: Launched in February 2020, Edlink is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your learning platform with school data systems. Working with Edlink's Unified API saves development teams headaches, gets operational teams to-market faster, and helps sales teams win more deals.

Edlink is currently working behind the scenes to help over 20 million students get logged into all the various learning platforms they use, using their LMS (a system students already know!) and they're trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by tech administrators and district leaders in over 2,000 US educational institutions, and growing.

To learn more about Cariina, visit www.cariina.com.

To learn more about Edlink, visit ed.link.