About ASSISTments:

ASSISTments is a team of educators, learning scientists, and software engineers committed to enhancing student learning with responsive, teacher-paced, and evidence-based online technology. Our platform offers real-time feedback to students and valuable assessment data to teachers, optimizing the effectiveness of homework and classwork. As a free curriculum-aligned assessment tool, ASSISTments delivers timely insights and data to support continuous student improvement.

About the relationship:

ASSISTments initially used its LMS integrations to authenticate users. While developing a Schoology integration, they encountered a major issue requiring a significant code rewrite. With their development team focused on other projects, ASSISTments sought external help. Tom Bolton received a timely, tailored email from Edlink, prompting a meeting to discuss their integration challenges. After several conversations, it became clear that Edlink's Unified API could solve their authentication problem without requiring a major code overhaul.

By building one integration to Edlink's Unified API, ASSISTments can expand its single sign-on (SSO) abilities and connect to top LMS providers like Schoology, Brightspace, and Microsoft Teams. Now with Edlink as their integration partner, the ASSISTments team can continue improving their product without extensive recoding – saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

"Integrating with major LMSs is crucial for scaling our platform and essential for school or district sales. However, creating custom integrations for each LMS was slow and resource-intensive. Edlink provided a single API solution, allowing our engineers to resolve LMS integrations in just four weeks. For The ASSISTments Foundation, choosing Edlink was an easy decision."
- Tom Bolton, VP of Product Management and Engineering at ASSISTments

Edlink is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your learning platform with school data systems. Working with Edlink's Unified API saves development teams from headaches, accelerates time-to-market for operational teams, and helps sales teams win more deals.

Edlink currently supports 100+ edtech companies and helps over 40 million people use their edtech products seamlessly with their school’s LMS, SIS, and identity management platform (like Clever and ClassLink). We’re trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by edtech companies, school IT administrators, and district leaders in over 4,000 educational institutions, and growing.

To learn more about ASSISTments, visit www.new.assistments.org.

To learn more about Edlink, visit ed.link.