We’re Edlink, a Unified API to help integrate elearning apps into education data systems. In plainer language, we’re an integration platform built for elearning apps to use for their integration needs. All in all, with our edtech clients in hand, we help end-users (school admins, teachers, and students) experience learning apps with the best integrations possible.

We’ve done the work of building integrations for dozens of LMSs, SISs, and Identity Providers so edtech companies don’t have to. An app only has to build 1 connection to Edlink’s Unified API, and they have access to them all.

Once our edtech clients connect to Edlink, we help them and their schools connect to Edlink.

There are already so many brands in the mix, so Edlink doesn’t “sell” to schools. We don't need to (or want to) add to the confusion of the edtech ecosystem. We just want to solve hard problems for hardworking edtech apps and developers to be delivered to school admins, teachers, and students.

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