Build your
integration better and faster with Edlink.
Build a
integration in four weeks or less using our unified API. Edlink comes with powerful tools that can help you manage and scale your integrations to millions of users.
Sync Data With
Single Sign On
Allow users to sign in without creating a new account. Edlink supports a variety of different SSO platforms and open standards.
Roster Data
Retrieve classes and class rosters directly from the district's LMS. Edlink can help you roster at the district or individual user level.
Send coursework to the LMS on the fly. Get rid of tough-to-manage ZIP files and support the personalized assigning of content.
Sync grades back to any LMS with ease. Teachers can forget about CSVs and have grades appear in their LMS instantly.

Onboard schools in minutes.

Getting a new district connected is a simple as sharing a URL. Our onboarding flow features your branding and quickly walks the school technology admin through the connection process.

Manage integrations at scale.

Scaling to dozens or hundreds of integrations means lots of internal tools to keep your teams productive. Let our data browsing, transformation, filtering, and logging tools save you time and money.

Keep your team focused on your core product.

Let your developers get back to improving your products instead of building yet another integration.

Give customer success the tools they need.

Edlink provides out of the box tools that make integration management a breeze. Happier teammates make happier clients.

Stop losing sales due to integration requirements.

Edlink helps you build integrations that would otherwise take months or years to deploy so your sales team can say "yes".

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