Platform Functionality

Edlink helps you build seamless integrations.

Quickly and easily develop two-way integrations to delight your users. The Edlink API enables a variety of different functions including SSO, class rostering, assignment integration, and grade sync.

Future-proof your integration strategy.

Writing one-off integrations can quickly overwhelm your development team. Edlink simplifies this process down to a single connection. New providers are added all the time so your company is always ready for the future.

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LMS Integrations

Integrate with every major LMS in just a few weeks. Automatic integration with any new systems we add.
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SIS Data Providers

Edlink ensures that you'll have support for districts who use their SIS as the main source of truth.
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Rostering & Identity Providers

Edlink supports a number of SSO and roster providers to help you cover as many setups as possible.
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Edlink supports integration on the your web, tablets, and mobile applications.

Edlink connects to dozens of data providers including these great companies. We add more each month to keep you ahead of the curve.

API Functionality

Deliver a consistent experience to your users.

Single Sign On

Allow users to sign in without creating a new account. Edlink supports a variety of different SSO platforms and open standards.

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Class Rostering

Retrieve classes and class rosters directly from the district. Edlink can help you roster at the district or individual user level.

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Content Integration

Send coursework on the fly. Get rid of tough-to-manage ZIP files and support the personalized assigning of content.

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Grade Passback

Sync grades back with ease. Teachers can forget about CSVs and have grades appear instantly.

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Onboarding schools is painless

Don't let back to school become your worst nightmare. Edlink comes with a ready-made district onboarding flow that makes integration easy for districts too.

Precise data access controls

One of the most challenging part of integrations is controlling access to student data. Share only what you need, and limit unauthorized access to your application with sharing rules.

Powerful tools for your support team

Developing your integrations is only half the battle. Once you onboard schools, you'll need to support them. Edlink provides a number of useful tools to boost your support team.

Developer Support

An integration your developers will enjoy.

Edlink is a technology company first. Our product is our API and we have put a lot of effort into designing it to be clear and easy to implement. We also provide tools and guides to make the development process quick and painless.

Clear API Docs

We put a lot of thought into designing a clear and cohesive data model with simple endpoints, backed up by our excellent documentation.

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Code Samples & Guides

Starting from scratch can be hard. We've put together a number of samples and guides so you can get started quickly.

Guides & Samples

Developer Sandboxes

Developing without the ability to test is nearly impossible. Edlink provides test environments to see how your integration fares along the way.

Sandbox Access

Stellar Support

Stuck on something? Check out our variety of support plans. We bring a huge amount of integration expertise to the table to keep things moving.

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