Content Integration

Integrate assignments and grades with dozens of providers.

Edlink enables your platform to create assignments on the fly and sync grades instantly. This two-way functionality opens up a world of new workflows and use cases for users.

API Functionality

Create workflows not possible with any existing standard.

Create items on the fly

Content is not always structured as a predesigned curriculum. Your platform can assign user generated content or selections from a content library.

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Read and write access

The ability to push or pull content opens up new workflows for personalized learning and student performance analysis.

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Native LMS assignments

When you create an item in Edlink, it becomes a native LMS assignment, giving your platform the same treatment as an item created by hand.

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Grading on your terms

Sync grades back at your own convenience. Content can be graded instantly, or returned to students all at once.

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Personalize content for students

Edlink makes it a breeze to create personalized assignments for individual students within a class. Specify the list of students who will receive the assignment and you're done.

Say goodbye to ZIP and CSV files in your teacher workflow

The days of generating complex ZIP files and emailing them to districts is over. Edlink enables your platform to create content on the fly. CSV grade exports are also a thing of the past. Edlink lets teachers automatically sync grades back.

Assignments and grades are fully integrated with Edlink roster data.

Assignment and grade data retrieved through the Edlink API will always match up perfectly with roster data. This makes life easy for your developers and you don't have to rely on unsafe methods to match up sensitive user data.

How Edlink Matches Users

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