Hey School Admin or Developer! Interested in learning more about the Materializations tab in the Edlink dashboard?

What Are Materializations?

After a sync, the info synced between a LMS and learning app is materialized in the Edlink dashboard. This means the updated info (such as new students) is now in the app, and you should see it in the dashboard.

Note: there may be a gap of a few minutes between the sync and materialization.

The Materializations tab shows you when the latest data materialization took place.

Reviewing Your Latest Materializations

To review your latest materializations, log into your Edlink account and click on your integration. You'll see the Materializations tab on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

In this tab, you'll see the following labels for each materialization:

Materializaton ID: This is the ID created by Edlink to identify each materialization.

State: This shows the progress of the materialization. It will say "complete" once the materialization completes.

Created Date: This shows the date and time Edlink created the materialization.

Updated Date: This shows the date and time Edlink updated the materialization. You should use this date and time as a reference for when your latest data materialized.