Hey Developer! Got a report from a user not being able to sign into your app through Edlink?

Let's troubleshoot.

Step 1

Make sure the person is supposed to sign into your app through Edlink.

If your app provides other methods of authentication outside of Edlink, check if the user knows the right way to log in.

If the person should be authenticating through Edlink, keep reading.

Step 2

If the user provides their email address to you, check that they're trying to sign in with their school email address and not a personal email address.

Step 3

Use the Edlink dashboard to see if school has an integration with your app. Then look for the user in the People tab.

Search for the missing user in the People tab of the integration

If you can't find the user, check if the school is using a different naming convention for email domains than the one the user gave.

If you find the user, tell the user to try logging in again. If they still need help, you may need to provide direct assistance. Still having trouble? Shoot a message to your Edlink client success manager.

Step 4

If you find the user, you may use the Impersonate button to try to authenticate into your platform as that user through Edlink.

The Impersonate button will appear on the right-hand side of the screen when you click on a user in the People tab

If you are able to log in successfully, then the user should be able to. If you see an error message, check to see if the error is coming from Edlink or your app.

Step 5

If you still can't find the user in the Edlink dashboard, check to see the date of the last sync.

If the last successful sync was within 24 hours, then it’s likely that the user is new. They should be able to log in when the next daily sync runs.

If they are not added at that point, reach out to your client success manager at Edlink for help. Please also contact us if the last sync is unsuccessful.