Hey Schoology admin! Not seeing any data in the Edlink dashboard or your learning app after connecting to Edlink?

Let's troubleshoot.

Has It Been 24 Hours Since You Connected?

If it hasn't been 24 hours since you made the connection, your Schoology could still be syncing with Edlink. The first sync can take up to a day. After that, your Schoology will sync daily with your learning app.

If 24 hours have passed and you still don't see data in the dashboard, keep reading.

Are You a Schoology Admin?

If you're still not seeing data after 24 hours, the problem might be that you're not a Schoology admin.

Only Schoology admins can properly connect their Schoology environments to Edlink.

To check that you're indeed a Schoology admin, log into your Schoology administrator account. Schoology admins will have a Tools tab on their top navigation bar that contains options like User Management and School Management.

Example of a Schoology Admin account

If you don't see a Tools tab when you log in, you're not a Schoology admin.

If that's the case, let us know at support@ed.link. We'll work with your school to get you up and running with Edlink.

Still Having Trouble?

Still having trouble? Reach out to us for help at support@ed.link. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.