Hey Developer! Want to learn how to impersonate your app users in the Edlink dashboard?

About the dashboard

When a school connects its data source (LMS, SIS, or SSO provider) to a learning app, you can see the school's data in the Edlink dashboard. This dashboard is available to school admins and the developers of the app.

Here's how you can use the Edlink dashboard to impersonate a user. This can help you troubleshoot issues users report.  

First, log into your Edlink account.

Select Integrations from the sidebar. Select the integration of the school you would like to investigate.

Finally, select People in the dashboard header.

Impersonating a user

Using the filtering options, search for the user you would like to impersonate. Select the user from the dashboard.

In the right-hand sidebar, you are given the option to Impersonate User. Selecting Impersonate will launch you into your application as if it were the actual user.

If your app displays information about the user, such as their enrollments, the data should appear when you impersonate the user in the app.