Hey Student! Having trouble logging in to a learning app?

Let's troubleshoot.

Step 1

Check whether you're trying to sign into the app with your school e-mail address. If you're not sure what your school e-mail address is, please ask your teacher for help.

If you're sure that you're using your school e-mail address, go to Step 2.

Step 2

When you try to log in, do you see the below error message?

If you do, please ask your teacher to reach out to us for help at support@ed.link. He or she can click here to find out more about the info we need to assist you.

Note: Edlink isn't the learning app you're trying to log into. Edlink is a software company that helps support the app's integration with your school.

If you see a different error message, the problem is probably not from Edlink. Please ask your teacher to reach out to the support team of the learning app for help.