Ready to log into your learning app?

There are a few ways for a learning app to set-up their log-in process. Let's cover the basic log-in methods.

Before Getting Started

Check if the app is one of Edlink’s partner apps. You can do this by reaching out to a rep of the app and confirming that they work with Edlink.

With this log-in method, there's a button inside your LMS that links to the app. To log in, you’ll click this button and enter your school e-mail address.

Logging in through an app in your LMS

You can log into your app within Canvas and Schoology.  

With this log-in method, the app will appear in your sidebar for Canvas, or in your App Center for Schoology.

You can view the apps Prepmedians and ShelfIt in the sidebar of this teacher's Canvas account
You can view this admin's apps in the app center of his Schoology account

To log in, you’ll click on the application and it will launch either within your LMS or in a new window.

With this log-in method, your app will provide you with an Edlink integration link. The link will prompt you to log-into the app.