Hey School Admin! Want to connect to Edlink via SFTP? Here's how.

The learning app that you want to connect to should have sent you an integration link that looks like this: https://ed.link/integrate/abc456789-efg456-123456. Note: If you don't have the link, let us know by reaching out to support@ed.link and we will provide assistance.

The link will direct you to create an Edlink account. Note: if you've connected an app to Edlink before, please log in with that account.

Step 2: Configure your SFTP source

Continuing following the steps outlined by the integration link to configure your SFTP source.

You'll see a form asking you whether you'd like to:

1. Have Edlink pull data from your SFTP server, or
2. Push data into Edlink's SFTP server.  

Whichever option you select will prompt the rest of the form to appear.

If you'd like Edlink to pull data from your SFTP server, fill out the following form:

If you'd like to push data to Edlink's SFTP server, follow the below instructions to add the Edlink client ID to your SFTP instance.

Note: The onboarding flow produces a unique Username and Password for your district or University on this page. These are not meant to be shared.

Once you have finished the steps above for either pushing or pulling data, click Validate Configuration.

Once you've validated your integration, a Continue Setup button will appear.

You'll see this final screen:

Well done!

You're now finished!

Your school's info will appear in the dashboard within 24 hours.

Any Questions?
If you still have questions, please contact our support team at support@ed.link and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.