Hey School Admin! Is your integration is set-up, but there are certain pieces of data that you don't want shared?

It’s time to add some product licensing rules.

Go to ed.link and log into your account. Then, find your integration in the Edlink dashboard.

Once you've selected your integration, click Data Pipeline in the left-hand sidebar, and then the blue Open Preview button.

Next, Click Product Licensing in the left-hand sidebar. You're now on the page you'll use to select the data you'd like to share with your app.

To get a more detailed explanation of how licensing works, click here.

When you're ready for your rules to be activated, please check the Remove Unlicensed Data box and then Save Changes.

Your rule is now live! Please note that the rule must materialize in Edlink, which could take a few minutes.

Once the materialization is complete, you can see the data that's currently being shared to your app via the tabs on the left-hand side of the integration page.

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble creating a rule, reach out to us at support@ed.link for help. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.