Hey there, Edlink client! Here are Edlink's support response tiers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager or write to us at support@ed.link.

Tier 3: Low Impact — Service Use Partially Impaired

  • The issue is limited in scope and/or severity. The issue has little-to-no user-visible impact.
  • The issue is affecting a single end-user, class, or school.
  • Business impact is low (inconvenience, minor business processes affected, etc.).
  • Case requires more in-depth investigation and troubleshooting and less frequent interactions.
  • Edlink will respond according to the support tiers listed here.

Tier 2: Medium Impact — Service Use Partially Impaired

  • The infrastructure is degraded in production, having a noticeable rate of user-facing errors or difficulties performing as expected according to the Documentation.
  • The issue is affecting an entire district/university or and/or greater than 5,000 end-users.
  • Business impact is moderate (danger of revenue loss, productivity decrease, etc.).
  • A workaround to mitigate critical business impact is available.
  • Affected Edlink component or feature is marked as General Availability.
  • Edlink will respond within 4 business hours.

Tier 1: High Impact — Service Unusable in Production

  • The application or infrastructure is unusable in production, having a significant rate of user-facing errors.
  • The issue is affecting all end-users.
  • Business impact is critical (revenue loss, potential data integrity issue, etc.).
  • No workaround is available.
  • Affected Edlink component or feature is marked as General Availability.
  • Immediate attention from Edlink is required to resolve the problem.
  • Edlink will update the Status Page within 60 minutes of being notified of the issue.
  • We will NOT respond to individual requests for information until the issue is resolved but will continue to update the Status Page as new information is discovered and as we make progress toward fixing the issue.
  • After the issue is resolved we will respond to all inquiries that were received within one business day.