Hey school admin! Ready to connect your Illuminate to your learning app?

Before we get started:

1. You must be an Illuminate System Administrator to generate the API access key needed to complete the integration. Illuminate System administrators will have an "Administration Gear" in their dashboard.

If an admin clicks the gear, they'll see a category called Users.

2. Have you connected a learning app to Edlink before? If so, skip to step 2 (Completing the integration).

Step 1: Creating API access key

Use your System Administrator account to generate and API access key.

  1. Log in. Click your Administration gear, and then API Management. From there, click Add New Access Key and create a key.

2. Copy your access key and access secret. You'll use these when completing the integration in Step 2.

Step 2: Completing the Integration

The learning app that you want to connect to should have sent you an integration link that looks like this: https://ed.link/integrate/abc456789-efg456-123456

If you don't have the link, let us know by reaching out to support@ed.link, and we'll help you get it.

Click the link and follow the instructions to create an Edlink account and complete the integration.

After you've created an Edlink account and named your school or district, you'll be asked to Select Your Data Source. Illuminate Education will be listed under the SIS tab.

Select Illuminate, hit Continue, and select where you'd like your data to be stored.

Hit confirm and fill out the form that will appear.

On this form, paste in your access key and access secret into fields labeled Client ID and Client Secret.  

Once the form is completed, hit Validate Configuration and check that your connection has been configured correctly. If it is configured correctly, hit Connect to complete the integration.

You'll see a final screen giving you the option to set data sharing rules. You can utilize this feature now, or anytime after the integration process is complete.

Well Done! Want to add an SSO source?

You've now completed the process! Your school's information will appear in the dashboard within 24 hours.

If you'd like to add an SSO source for your school, you can do so! Here's a quick guide.

Any Questions?
If you still have questions, please contact our support team at support@ed.link and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.